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Farm job board hits $9,752/m 💰

published21 days ago
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Farm job board hits $9,752 monthly revenue

Peter Askew made the infamous HackerNews post "I sell onions on the internet". As well as selling onions online, he also has a job board for farms, RanchWork.

It's now close to $10k/m in revenue. Now that's a niche!

revenue milestones tweet

Bannerbear releases video recap of last 3 years

Jon Yongfook is aiming for $1m ARR and has released a 40 minute video showing his progress so far and his future plans

James McInven and Dan Rowden take on TikTok

The co-hosts of the excellent No More Mondays podcast have taken on the challenge of making a TikTok video every day.

Will they go viral? Who will get the most followers? Who will win the dance-off?

So far Dan is on 222 followers and James is on 44.

Jim Baxter hits $2k MRR

After learned to code at 42, Jim has made a SaaS and reached $2k MRR after 2 years - well done!

Weekend Club rebrands as Ramen Club

Charlie Ward's community has shifted name and brand positioning away from the weekend theme.

Podcast of the Week 🎧

Big news with the IndieHackers podcast ending the interview format! It will now be Courtland and his brother Channing, talking back and forth. I'm happy to try this out and I think it will be worth a listen as they are both very interesting people. But I'm curious if people who are used to the interview format will stick around. You can listen to their episode here

And if you're looking for interviews, check out the High Signal pod 😎

Funny of the Week

Alex nails the LinkedIn experience 😂

Linkedin parody

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p.s. I did a deep-dive on how Lynne Tye makes $300k from KeyValues

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